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The Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter offers free lipreading classes to help people learn, develop, and maintain skill in lipreading.

The main teaching class is on Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Weingart Senior Center in Lakewood.

Beginning lessons are repeated each January but people may join the class at any time.

Beginners are always welcome!

The Wednesday class meets every Wednesday except July and August and Christmas through New Year's.

There is also an informal practice session on Mondays, 10-noon at the same location.

Come join us and begin to learn this valuable skill!

Lipreading (sometimes called speech reading) is a skill that can benefit anyone, especially the hard of hearing, in understanding what someone is saying. Even with hearing aids, there are many times that it is very difficult to understand what someone is saying. Skill in lipreading can often fill the gap. Only about 30% of the English language can actually be read from the lips only. However, this skill together with hearing aids can make substantial differences in someone's ability to understand communication.