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Formerly, we were the "Self Help for Hard of Hearing, Inc."

The national group has re-designated SHHH to the new name :

with a new logo.  We like the new label as it better describes the actual purpose of the group and its membership.  Whether your loss of  hearing is small and gradual, or sudden and total, this organization of chapters in all 50 states has members and resources to help you.

We encourage you to review these web pages, and the State and National websites.  Then, contact us now!  We can help you!

Have Hope!

Where We Meet...

The Long Beach / Lakewood Chapter of HLAA meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at...

The Weingart Senior Center
5220 Oliva Avenue
Lakewood, California

(Across from the Lakewood Shopping Mall
& behind the Big 5 sporting goods store)

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 Our Mission Statement

Hearing Loss Association of America is a national non-profit, non-sectarian, educational, organization devoted to the welfare and interests of those who cannot hear well.  Our members are catalysts that make mainstream society more accessible to people who are hard of hearing.  We strive to improve the quality of life through education, advocacy, and self-help for those with a hearing loss.

Our local Chapter web site is meant to present information to you ABOUT US, where we meet, and why, and how the organization of Hearing Loss Association of America came to be.

Click on one of the subject page links under the top  photograph to learn more about who we are, what we can offer to help you, and why you should be BE HOPEFUL.

We have a lot to offer because hearing loss is a common bond between us.  You are not alone in learning to cope with hearing problems.  We can share experiences with you, help create new friendships, and assist each other in surviving in a hearing world.

Monthly meetings are held to present PROGRAMS with useful INFORMATION.  You will learn about assistive hearing devices, what audiologists can do to help you, state and local programs offering additional expertise, how to interact with family and friends to facilitate socializing - and much more.

Two times a year, instead of a speaker, Long Beach /Lakewood Chapter schedules a "Pot Luck" dinner followed by a 'rap' session; this meeting is held 1/2 hour earlier @6:00pm.  We share a dinner together, then share experiences and tips, often with lively discussions of real-life events amid lots of laughter at the misadventures caused by hearing loss.  We have learned a sense of humor is a vital component of coping skills.

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