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Hearing Assistive Technology

Within the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America, there is the Hearing Assistive Technology "HAT" Committee which seeks to demonstrate how today's latest technology can assist people with hearing loss to lead happier, safer, and more productive lives.

The HAT Committee is co-chaired by Herb Balkind who has hearing loss so he understands the difficulties.

This committee of twelve people, with the help of a grant and generous donations, has assembled an inventory of over 50 hearing assistive devices to enable hard of hearing individuals to experience these various devices first-hand to find out if they could help them improve the quality of their lives.


The committee has almost monthly exhibits called The Rocky Stone Hearing Device Exhibit (in honor of the founder of the HLAA) to demonstrate these devices to you. The meetings are free and open to the public.

WHEN - Most months (except June, July, and August), from 10:00am to 12:00 noon

January 15 - February 19 – March 18 - April 15 - May 20 - September 16 - October 21 - November 11 – December 9 in 2016

WHERE - Weingart Senior Center in Lakewood, California (see MAP)

If you find a device that you like and want to purchase one, we can provide catalogs and websites where you can purchase directly from the source.

There are a variety of hearing assistive devices available (not including hearing aids and cochlear implants). A sample includes personal FM systems, TV listening systems, alarm clocks that shake the bed, fire alarms, amplified telephones and caption phones, all designed especially for people with a hearing loss. Also available are alerting systems that flash lights or vibrate pagers to signal when the telephone or doorbell is ringing or when a baby is crying, and many more.

The committee members are present to discuss the benefits of each device, demonstrate its use, and answer all questions.

The HAT committee's work benefits all people of the community who suffer hearing loss. Come and join us.

Disclaimer - These meetings are sponsored by the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. This HLA chapter does not sell any of the devices itself, nor does it otherwise profit from this demonstration service. The Weingart Senior Center and the Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America make no warranties, presentations or claims concerning the quality, quantity or availability of services or products herein.